10 Pieces with Multiple Colors

- Cotton 32

S      Chest   33"

M      Chest  36"

L      Chest   40" 

XL    Chest   44" 

2XL   Chest  48" 

3XL   Chest   52" 

- We guarantee no shrink from our shirt.

- Yes all kind of T-shirt is ready to ship.

- Yes we have.

- Made from TK fabric.

- Yes we have long sleeve T-shirt.

- Yes we do. 
- Made from Cotton

- We have kid T-shirt available made from cotton.

The biggest size is 4XL

- 2XL (All Colors) 

- 3XL (Available just Some Colors) 

- 4XL (Available only Black and Whtie)

- Yes we do.

- Yes we do, minimum of 100 T-shirt.

- 5 Baht discount per piece for purchasing over 100 pieces.

- Yes we do, with no minimum order.

250฿/Color (We keep the block)

400฿/Color (Customer keep the block)

- It takes about 4-7 days after the deposit to finish the order. For urgent work it could be done within 1-2 days

- Yes we do. The work could be done within 1-3 days.

We have 2 branches

- Bobae tower

- Pratunam

- We open from Monday-Saturday at 8:30-17.30

- We are close every sunday

indy Pratunam 
Phone number: 080-0500322 , 095-2941412
Email: indytshirt01@gmail.com  
Line: @indytshirt (with @)

indy Bobae
Phone number: 088-8850062, 062-2259792
Email: indyfactorybkk@gmail.com
Line: @indyindy (with @)

- We only accept the bank transfer

- Now we do not have this service.

- Product can only be exchange if the damage cause by the company.

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